Upcoming Ethics and Equity Related Meeting and Workshops

  1. Earth Educators Rendezvous in Lawrence, Kan.   July 16-20, 2018
  2. AIPG Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, Colo.  September 8-11, 2018
  3. Society for Neuroscience Short Course 3 Presentation in San Diego, Calif.  November 10, 2018
  4. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Ind.  November 2018
  5. Heads and Chairs Workshop at AGU Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C.   December 9, 2018
  6. The Center for Ethics and Equity Center also sponsors a master workshop for scientific and academic leaders on Ethics and Equity in Washington D.C.  The next workshop is planned for March 2019.  Please enter your contact information here[web form needed] to receive follow-up registration information.

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Request Unconscious Bias Workshop

Bystanders are individuals who observe harassment, discrimination, or bullying firsthand or who are later informed of the incident. There are two classes of bystanders: passive bystanders, who take no action, and active bystanders, who take action to prevent or reduce harm to the victim. This program will give individuals the skills, confidence, and motivation to move from being a passive bystander to an active bystander. This workshop is appropriate for scientists and researchers at all career levels. Request a bystander intervention training workshop.[link to the new page]

Custom Workshops

Customized workshops designed to address gender, harassment, and diversity issues in science are available through the Center. We have relationships with a number of facilitators, skilled in working with scientific organizations, who can help create a custom workshop for your organization, institution, or department.

Upcoming ADVANCEGeo Workshops

ADVANCEGeo produces material that can be adapted to different training modules, including in-person and online, for departments, and for broader audiences at scientific conferences. The project is currently developing publicly available training and train-the-trainer materials and conducting workshops. Attend an ADVANCEGeo workshop.