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AGU Ethics and Equity Center

AGU’s leadership in establishing the Ethics and Equity Center will help promote greater diversity, equity, inclusion and integrity in scientific work and research environments. Delve into our newly redesigned site for tools to act and institute more inclusive practices in your workplace or organization.

Program spotlight

AGU Launches AGU LANDInG Community of Practice

AGU LANDInG Community of Practice (CoP) is an open-access, virtual platform that provides opportunities for current and aspiring DEI champions in the Earth and space sciences to engage in conversation, share resources, build networks and participate in professional development. 


AGU to Lead Development of an Ethical Framework for Climate Intervention

In a whitepaper released 1 June 2022, AGU describes its plans to lead the development of an ethical framework to guide the research and possible deployment of climate change intervention measures.

Climate change is a known global threat. As such, scientific and technology organizations and funders are increasingly devoting attention and resources to climate intervention research and, in some cases, already pursuing large-scale testing. Climate intervention measures include carbon removal and solar radiation management. The National Academy of Sciences and other authoritative bodies have called for “a code of conduct” and governance structure to guide the research, potential scaling and possible deployment of these intervention measures.

In alignment with AGU’s strategic plan and its policy on addressing climate change, AGU is convening an advisory board to work in partnership with other global organizations toward the development of this ethical framework. To start, AGU and members of this advisory board will foster conversations about the framework and its potential governance structure at international convenings, such as the upcoming United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP27), which will be held in Egypt this November.

Read the full whitepaper on AGU Climate Intervention Engagement: Leading the Development of an Ethical Framework.


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