Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in science

AGU Ethics and Equity Center

AGU’s leadership in establishing the Ethics and Equity Center will help promote greater diversity, equity, inclusion and integrity in scientific work and research environments. Delve into our newly redesigned site for tools to act and institute more inclusive practices in your workplace or organization.

Program spotlight

Unlearning Racism in Geoscience

This introductory video and article from members of the Unlearning Racism in Geoscience (URGE) team discuss the program's goals and actions to encourage greater diversity, equity and inclusion across the geosciences. 


Cultivating Leadership for Change and Justice in the Geosciences: A Virtual Workshop Series Sponsored by Geoscientists of Color and Allies

Each workshop in this series is designed to spotlight effective practices that leaders can implement in individual geoscience departments and institutions. Launched at the 2020 National Association of Black Geoscientists Annual Meeting, the initial sessions in this series include:

What does racism in academia look like and what are the impacts in our community?
How can we create inclusive geoscience undergraduate classrooms as well as field and research experiences?
How we can ensure we listen to students’ voices and recognize student leadership?
How can we increase hiring, retention and promotion of diverse geoscience faculty?

Workshop 4: Progress and lessons learned after one year of anti-racism efforts in the geosciences
Tuesday, 4 May; 6-8 p.m. ET
Register here.

The recordings for Workshops 1, 2 and 3 are available online.


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