Diversity in Science

AGU is a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion in science. The AGU Ethics and Equity Center provides policies, reports, tools, surveys and learning resources to help foster more diverse scientific research and work environments, creating a global scientific enterprise that is inclusive for everyone.

The materials below outline leading practices for researchers and students in scientific societies, academic departments and institutions to increase diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging for all. These resources provide guidelines for addressing bias, race/ethnicity, racism, gender and ability and ways to create more inclusive practices in the sciences.


Policies & Reports


This list includes policies from organizations and scientific departments that outline many promising practices for encouraging greater diversity and inclusion.


These reports provide data and background information on the underrepresentation of women and other groups in science, as well as recommendations for addressing inequities.

Education, Tools & Surveys


These educational resources provide background information and readings to address bias, race/ethnicity, gender and ability in academia and the workplace.


This list provides tools to take action and establish more diverse and inclusive practices in your workplace or institution.


Listed below is an example of a diversity dashboard, as well as surveys that can help you implement a study of the environment at the departmental level or the institutional level in order to inform best practices in your workplace.

Workshops & Trainings

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