Mia Ricci (she/her) is the Director of Publications Operations at AGU, where she oversees peer review management and content operations of AGU’s 23 scientific journals. Mia has fifteen years of experience in scholarly publishing, managing journal editorial operations and publishing partnerships to help advance discovery and impact of science.

Together with the Publications Ethics Manager and VP of Publications, Mia oversees the scientific integrity and professional ethics policy management for AGU’s journals. She also leads the diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) efforts for AGU’s journals and currently serves in committees for the Coalition for Diversity & Inclusion in Scholarly Communications (C4DISC), the Council of Science Editors (CSE), the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), and the Joint Commitment for Action and Inclusion and Diversity in Publishing. She is a member of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Geosciences (AAPIiG) and was the co-founder of Wiley’s Asian and Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group.

Mia received a B.A. degree in journalism from the City College of the City University of New York and a Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Certificate from Cornell University. She was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is fully bilingual in Indonesian and English.

Headshot of Mia Ricci